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These wood engravings use the "cut and come again" or Reduction method of making prints, where the editioning of the first colour is completed and made finite by the recutting of the same block to produce the 2nd and subsequent colours. An alternative name is 'waste-block' printing sometimes described as suicide printing because of the risk involved. Picasso is believed to have invented this process. In this little used method of making prints the size of the edition is more strictly limited than other ways of making prints as the block is progressively destroyed, all the my prints are in editions of about 50 to 140 including all proofs and are finite. I print in a registration box with a teaspoon.

Illustrated opposite are four states, the fourth being the finished print

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To view my Lino Prints from this 80's decade visit page 7

Some of my most recent prints can be purchased online at www.reduction-wood-engravings.co.uk

' 3-3-3-1 '  -   2003

State 1
State 2
State 3
State 4

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